Friday, November 9, 2012

KLARUS RS16 XP-G2 320Lm Rechargeable 16340 Flashlight/Review+HD close up Video

Small,very bright,efficient and great looking.What more we need from a flashlight?
To charge it easily everywhere and anytime we need.No external chargers,no need of high voltage power supply.
This is the Klarus RS16-The smallest rechargeable flashlight which can be charge from any USB port,anytime when needed.
Klarus RS11 was the first rechargeable flashlight from Klarus equipped with an integrated charging circuit and uses magnetic self-locating charging point for connection by special usb cable K1-D5.This type of connection saves space in the flashlight and is easier to connect and disconnect it and provides excellent water proofing.Charging is easy and convenient.
Klarus RS16 uses the same magtetic connector and USB cable.
As always in every new model flashlight,Klarus presents a few new features that improve the functionality of the flashlight.
The most important for a flashaholic is the LED type.Here the LED is one of the latest Cree emitters with high efficiency-Cree XP-G2 LED.The light from it is clear white,no greenish,no yellowish tint.Compared to all my XM-L T6/U2 flashlights the light from the XM-L LED looks greenish or yellowish.The old XP-G R5 is also very greenish tint.
The second new thing is the pocket clip.It has a very good shape and the way of attaching is much better than the previous models.It is sturdy and securely attached.It's difficult to detach it accidentally(nearly impossible).
Another novelty of the model is the switch.RS16 uses a single,side switch for turn on/off and changing modes.The UI is simple-High,Medium and Low with mode memory.There is only one flashing mode and it can be activated with a quick double click.No two switches,no rotating the head. Everything is accessible with one hand-quickly and easily. The UI is very convenient and easy to remember.
The switch in Klarus RS16 is electronic with short movement and is easy and pleasant to use.As opposed to Klarus RS11 the rubber switch cap is not bulging and that protects against accidental switching.The rubber button is well sized and comfortable and easy to press with fingers.Something that I like is that there's no click sound.Using the flashlight is very quiet.I don't like the 'clicky' sound in the silence.

Like all recent models from Klarus the body color is beautiful matt dark grey.The anodizing is excellent everywhere at the body and is pleasent for eyes to watch it and hands to touch it.The body shape helps for excellent grip,it's a very handy flashlight.No sharp edges.There is knurling at the tail-it is excellent made.
There are cooling fins at the head and as at the other models the fins help a lot for heat dissipation.Klarus RS16 follows the design of the other Klarus lights and uses stainless steel detachable bezel to protect the glass lens and the front of the head.The bezel looks aggressive but is not sharp.

The pocket clip-I compared the clips of the XT11 and the RS16 and I can say-the RS16's clip is different shape and attached differently.It is very firmly attached,gripped in special channel and is hard to remove it.

Specifications from the manufacturer(website):
1. CREE XP-G2 LED with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
2. Lighting modes:
A. 320 ANSI lumens (1.1 hrs) -- 70 lumens (4.6 hrs) -- 7 lumens (68 hrs)
B. Variable frequency strobe: 320 lumens (2.2 hrs)
3. Working Voltage: 3.0V - 8.4V
4. Battery: 1x 16340, only Li-ion 16340 battery with PCB protection – using unprotected batteries may be hazardous to the user and cause damage to the flashlight. (CR123A battery can be used, but cannot be recharged)
5. Charging:
A. Input: 5V/500 mA MAX
B. Output: 4.2V/500 mA MAX
C. Charging time: Decided by battery capacity.
D. Formula is: Charging time = (battery capacity/500 mA) + 0.5 hrs
6. Body color: Gun Metal Grey
7. Reflector: Small textured reflector
8. Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass
9. Dimensions: 104.5mm (Length) x 24 mm (Head) x 26.4mm (Body)
10. Net weight: 90g (Excluding battery)
Uses a USB interface chargeable design, so you can charge in the home, office, airport, vehicle, etc. Basically, anywhere that has a USB interface. You can also remove the battery and charge separately or even use CR123A batteries (but do not charge CR123A batteries). Any 16340 rechargeable battery with PCB protection can be used.Reverse polarity protection circuit protects against incorrect insertion of batteries.IPX-8 rated.

The RS16 comes with all needed basic accessories-holster,pocket clip,lanyard,two spare O-rings,split ring,USB charging cable.

Good sturdy holster,but looks like it is small for this flashlight.

The pocket clip

The RS16 comes with 16340 Li-Ion protected battery packed in a plastic box.

The battery tube is thick because it is of two layers.It's needed for the charging design.All is well sized and the protected battery fits well.

The screw threads are square-cut with smooth screwing.Single O-ring for sealing.

The charging connector looks interesting.No 'reverse' voltage at the contacts.It is waterproof IPX-8 rated.

On the back we can see only the charging magnetic self-locating point.thanks to this the RS16 can tail stand for using in candle mode.Around the magnet is placed transparent ring which glows when charging the battery.Charging-Red light;Charged-Green light.
There are two loops for attaching the wrist strap.

Length of the cord 1.2m(47.2 inches)

The reflector is textured aluminum and gives a very smooth and useful beam.It's pretty deep for flashlight this size.

This is my first XP-G2 light and I really like it.No greenish tint.
The LED is well centered.The anti reflective coated and toughened glass lens is absolutely clean and clear.

The beam of the RS16 is floody with smooth transition from hotspot to spill.This is very useful light for EDC flashlight.It has sufficient throw for everyday use.
The light from XP-G2 LED is cool white and in normal use looks clear white without tint.
I am not sure about the lumen output,I can't measure it,but it's bright.
High lighting mode 320lm is bright enough for normal everyday use.
Medium mode is very useful when long runtime is needed and for candle mode.I use it mostly.
Low is good for using in full darkness and
has more throw compared to Low mode on the XT11.

Klarus RS16 uses a 1,57 KHz PWM for changing the different light levels.The PWM is not detectable in High lighting mode.In Medium and Low can be detected in certain cases as lighting a PC Fan.Thanks to the PWM the light in all brightness levels is the same color,no tint change from High 320Lm to Low 7Lm. PWM is needed also for the UI to works with just one switch.
After 3 minutes in High mode the driver makes a step down to 1/4 less light output to protect the LED from overheating
and to improve the runtime.
The light output is very well regulated and I see no big visible difference when the battery power depletes.

The UI is simple-Three lighting modes with mode memory and one flashing mode(variable frequency strobe)
Press the switch for short to activate momentary ON.
Press for more than 0.6 of a second for constant ON.
When the light is ON,press and hold to change mode-High,Medium,Low.
Press the switch to turn the light OFF.
For strobe-fast double click from any mode or from OFF.
Press the switch to turn the strobe OFF.
Memory function-When the light is ON for more than 3 sec,the mode will be memorized.


3 seconds is a long time,but not a deal breaker.

Beamshots on a not so white wallpaper.
4m distance

1m distance

Detachable stainless steel strike bezel.
The bezel is detachable,but it holds the glass lens and the reflector and removing it is not recommended.

Click on the pics to see them full size.
In my medium size hand.Excellent grip and good feeling in hand.Not too heavy.

With the big boys

I am very pleased with this flashlight so far.I use it everyday.Excellent design,excellent quality,bright enough,good functionality.The flashlight comes with all needed to start using it immediately.The way of charging gives convenience and saves time.I like that no need to remove the battery every time when needs to be charged.
It's pleasure to use it.
For cons I can point the 3 sec memory mode and the magnet in the tail cap-It's not removable.It can catch key-chain or other metal objects.

Watch my HD Video review to see the UI and All details in High Quality Macro Mode