Sunday, September 7, 2014

Orcatorch WR10 (950 Lm,1x 26650/18650,XM-L2) First Wireless Charging Light-Review

The WR10 is a very interesting offer from Orcatorch.
Can be powered by one 26650 or 18650 battery.
The WR10 comes with a protected 26650 battery and all needed charging adapters included in the package.
Orcatorch WR10 is the first flashlight with wireless charging without magnetic or USB connectors.
There are no visible electric contact points between the flashlight and its charging cradle.
The charging process is possible without need of connecting cables. The charging power is result of induction obtained from the interaction between electromagnetic field coming from the charging cradle and the special tail cap of the WR10.
I have seen this method of charging offered for smartphones a time ago. It's great to see it in the flashlight world as well.

The charging cradle and the AC wall adapter in the pictures below.
I can't measure the actual charging current,but the flashlight charges relatively quickly.

EU AC adapter. Available also in US,UK and AU version.

Charging cradle is free of any metal contact points.

The unique tail cap that allows wireless charging does not require any special waterproof or short circuit protection.

Excellent mate black Type III hard anodizing. Dark graphite looking finish.
Deep grooves provide good grip.
Standard size side switch.The cap is glow in the dark type.
Finding the switch in the darkness is easy thanks to the flat surface around it and the flat opposite side.
The GITD switch cap helps greatly too.
The anti-roll design is not quite good.

There is no hole for strap attaching.
The tail cap is free of deep grooves or knurling,because it enters into the charging dock station.

All parts are tightly assembled without any gap left.
Well rounded edges. High quality machine work.
Carefully machined cooling fins.

Perfectly centered Cree XM-L2 LED.
Deep,wide reflector for good throw and high quality of the beam. 35mm diameter.
The glass lens has no anti-reflective coating.

The most important technical data.
Impressive amount of lumens and great throw for a flashlight which is not mainly designed for a thrower.

The Orcatorch WR10 comes in very nice plastic case for carrying the flashlight and its accessories well protected..

The WR10 flashlight, Orcatorch 26650 battery,adapter for 18650 batteries,AC power adapter,DC(car) adapter,charging cradle,Spare O-rings,User manual,Warranty card(24 month warranty).

12V Adapter for in car charging.

4000 mAh Orcatorch 26650 battery.
The side switch is electronic type-works by short press,as there is easy to hear click sound.
Pressing it is hard enough to prevent easy accidental activation.
The single electronic switch is comfortable and easy to use,but requires specially designed user interface which I will explain later in the review.

The WR10 has two layer battery tube to be possible to charge from the tail end.
A spring at both ends for impact protection and good electric contact.

Trapezoid cut threads.Clean. Well made.

The plastic adapter(tube) helps using 18650 batteries.

The switch boot(cap) is partly transparent.
There are status indicator LEDs under the cap, giving the switch backlight in Red or Green color.
You can see the partly red cap in the picture below. This is how it looks when charging. The switch will turn again to Green when the charging is finished.
The red light will be activated also when the battery voltage is too Low.

The charging cradle is ready to charge when connected to the power supply.
The flashlight requires just to be inserted in the cradle without any special adjustment or polarity monitoring,etc.
Charging stops automatically at ~4,16V. This ensures that the battery will not be overcharged.

Orcatorch WR10 features another interesting ability.
The Low mode starts automatically when power supply is disconnected or the flashlight is removed from the charging cradle.
This function could be very useful in certain situations.
For example,in case of power outage the light will start automatically,giving you some useful room illumination.
Great for emergency illumination. You can keep the flashlight charging in the cradle before storm and in case of power outage,the light will help you immediately.

Technical data from Orcatorch.

User Interface

Operating the WR10 is easy using only a side switch for ON/OFF and mode selecting.
4 constant brightness modes Turbo-High-Mid-Low (in this order).
There are also hidden Strobe and SOS.

There is something specific in the UI though.
The switch is normal push button,activating the light in an electronic way.
First short click always activates Turbo mode.
Following short press will change to High-Mid-Low and OFF.
Switching between all constant modes is required before to shut down the light.
Not quite convenient in use,especially if you prefer the lower modes,but with time can get used to it.

Strobe can be activated after pressing(and hold) the button for 3 sec. Short press to go to SOS mode. Press again to return to constant light.

The output regulating circuit performs its task impressively well.
As almost all other flashlights,Orcatorch WR10 decreases the brightness to protect itself from overheating.
But the Step Down here is 20 minutes after activation.
The WR10 maintains almost constant Turbo output for 20 minutes,which is an impressive result. As can be seen from the run-time graph,the output is not affected by the type of the battery used and the regulation is the same for the first 20 minutes when using the included Orcatorch 26650 battery or Keeppower 18650 battery.
If you still need the highest possible output and the flashlight is not too hot,Turbo can be activated again by restarting the light.

The WR10 does a second step down when the voltage of the battery is very low. This is a over-discharge protection. An option really useful to have.
At this stage,the status indicator under the switch cap will turn to Red color to indicate Low remaining power.

The run-time graph does show how the brightness on Turbo mode changes in the time in minutes.
The test was done with two batteries- Orcatorch 26650 4000mAh and Keeppower 18650 3400mAh.
A 8cm cooling fan was used for the test.

The light from Orcatorch WR10 is clean cool white. No greenish or bluish tint. Very good quality bream.
Bright hotspot with good useful spill.
Relatively smooth transition between both. Not too much artifacts. A good result for a smooth reflector.
The throw distance is really good on this flashlight. 24200cd advertised. I measured ~27000 and even more peak beam intensity.
I measured about 950 lumens 30sec after activation with no difference when using 26650 or 18650 battery.

1meter, 1/20sec

Orcatorch WR10 Turbo-High-Mid-Low


5 meters,1/6sec

Orcatorch WR10 Turbo-High-Mid-Low

5 meters,1/50sec

5 meters,1/250sec

Size comparison with ThruNite Lynx, Olight M22, Orcatorch T20.

Comfortable in hand.

My impressions of Orcatorch WR10 are quite good.
High build quality.Excellent anodizing.Practical design.
High lumen output for impressively long period of time. Quality beam.
Very good throw for outdoor use. Well spaced brightness levels. Really low Low mode. Useful Mid and High modes.
Great option for charging without too much adjustments.

The User interface with a single side switch might not be convenient for some users,so read about it carefully in the review above.
If you find the UI acceptable for your requirements,the WR10 is a very good choice for Outdoor or indoor illumination.

Thanks for your attention!

The WR10 was provided by Orcatorch for test and review.