Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Aootek Solar Wall Light

 Aootek sent me another interesting light from their product catalog.
It is a outdoor wall light with built in rechargeable battery and solar panel to charge it.
The wall light is meant to be mounted on a wall,fence,etc.
In terms of design,the lamp is a good combination of simple construction and stylish exterior.
The whole housing except the glass cover of the solar panel is made of plastic.

 Link to Aootek's Amazon store- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Outdoor Wireless Solar Powered Light Waterproof

Click on the image below and drag side to side to rotate the light.

These are the main specifications(a picture from the box).
The light comes from six round 5mm LEDs. Cool white light on my sample.
They are not wide angle LEDs(as many can expect) and produce a narrow,focused beam.

Aootek Solar light comes with two screws,which have to be used for munting.
Below is a good graph showing the way of mounting and also that the On/Off switch should be in On position-only then the charging process is enabled(not only the light). 

A look at the mounting holes.

There is nothing complex in the form.

A look at the Solar panel.
It is glued and should not allow water to get inside the plastic tube body.

Hollow interior. The white plastic acts as a diffuser.
The 6 LEDs and On/Off switch are placed pointing downwards.
This gives them some protection of direct rain drops and dust,as well.
Reaching the switch is limited by the lamp dimension and may take more effort on people with big hands. 

Here is a full runtime graph.
The built in battery is a 1000mAh NiMH battery,AA size.
Battery was fully charged.
I left the light until it shout down automatically. This happens when the voltage is on the lowest limit.
I measured the battery ~ 1V after the test.
~7,8 hours discharge.
Please note,that the battery will be effectively charged only when the solar cells are directly illuminated by strong day light(best is direct sun light). Otherwise,charging will take much longer time and one night may not be enough for fully charging the battery. I tried to charge it indoors,well illuminated by day light with no any result.

Here is the driver board with the battery.

Two electronic components-IC and coil.