Thursday, February 28, 2013

ThruNite MCC-4 Charger, Review

ThruNite gave me their MCC-4 charger for test and to share my opinion.

ThruNite MCC-4 has capability to charge up to 4 batteries,independently each other with current 1A for big batteries and 500mA for smaller batteries.
Li-Ion and NiMH batteries can be charged. CC/CV charging.
Different size batteries can be charged. 26650,18650,18490,17670,17335,16340,14500,10440(th e 500mA current might be too much for them).

The charger comes in white box.

Specifications (from manufacturer)
-Input: 100-240V (AC), 50/60Hz,500mA(max) 12V-24V (DC),
2000mA (max)
-Output:4.2V / 1.5V 1000mA×4 / 500mA×4
-Size: 156×99.5×37mm(Length×Width×Height)
-Weight: 275g (excluding batteries)
-Operating Temperature: 5%(0℃) - 90%(40℃)(Full-load in normal working condition)
-Storage Conditions: Temperature: -20℃ - 85℃
Note: When charging Li-ion batteries,
the battery voltage readout on the LCD screen may have 0.1V margin of error;
and 0.07V margin of error when charging Ni-MH batteries.

There are two cables-for 100/220V charging and 12V in car charging.
No user manual.

The positive and negative contacts are very well made. No sharp edges.
My other 4 bay charger that I use for charging Li-Ion batteries Nitecore I4 has similar negative contacts,but with terrible sharp edges that are scratching any batteries.
There are 4 springs at the bottom of the slots.They will activate the higher current 1A when long batteries are inserted.
You should be careful not to stretch too much the sliders when inserting smaller/shorter batteries and to activate the high current accidentally.

Button top and flat top batteries can be charged.
Inserting the batteries is easier if I compare it to my I4 charger. The springs are not so stiff and the sliders are greased in the place where come into contact with the plastic housing.

The batteries that I have fit well.

Compared to Nitecore I4

ThruNite MCC-4 has big LCD display to show the charging status.
The display has blue backlight for easier reading. The viewing angle is limited.
The voltage indicator has only one digit after dot and is good only for indicating approximate values.
The flashing bars are 3. Flashing when charging, static(not flashing) when charging is finished.

This is a graph showing the charging current and voltage.
I charged nearly depleted Keepower 3400mAh, 18650 battery.
I like the high charging current which is constant until the voltage reaches 4,2V.
But while the current decreases before the end of charging process,the voltage goes up to about 4,27V.
This is more than normally it should be.
(For comparison,my I4 charger has end voltage ~4,21V.)

After charging is finished,the battery voltage will decrease to 4,21V,but for that is needed some time.

Voltage(V) and current(A) Vs Time in minutes.

The charger can charge also NiMh batteries. DV algorithm.I took some different results when charging different batteries so I can't point an accurate value of end voltage.

Short video,presenting the UI and design specifics.
(turn on annotations)

MCC-4 is very well made charger with good options,fast charging 4 batteries.
The higher end voltage might affect the battery life,but I am not so familiar with the battery charging values and can't say this for sure.
However,I hope ThruNite will improve it in the future.