Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ThruNite TN35, Cree MT-G2,2750 Lm,3x18650, REVIEW ,Lots of Beamshots

ThruNite TN35 is a new light in the TN series,sharing the same body with its predecessors TN31,TN32.
The new feature is the Cree MT-G2 LED which gives high light output,a wider beam and nice warmer tint.
The torch is powered by 3x 18650 batteries connected in series.

The quality of machining is on the same high level as seen in TN32. Precisely machined parts without sharp edges.
Tail-stand is possible.

Excellent black matte anodizing. Great deep knurling for good grip. Magnetic ring for mode selecting.

This time the stainless steel bezel is tightly screwed and there's no even a millimeter gap.

The packaging is the same. Very nice box.The torch can be inserted in the box together with its holster.

In the box you will find- User manual,long sturdy lanyard,spare O-rings,spare tail switch boot and the holster.

The holster is well made and the flashlight fits well in it.
Mounting to a sturdy belt or backpack is possible.

Specification (taken from ThruNite's website)

Key Features:

- Improved UI for more lumens
- Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
- Momentary forward click tactical switch.
- Strobe mode for tactical and emergency use.
- Smooth reflector for max light output.
- Highly focused beam for maximum distance
- Tactical knurling for firm grip.
- Streamlined body design.
- Mechanical reversed polarity protection design for battery carrier.
- Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long run time.
- Specially designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Self-defense, Hunting, Search & Rescue and Outdoor activities.
- Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety.

Very deep ~65mm and wide ~65mm aluminum reflector. Perfectly centered Cree MT-G2 LED.
Stainless steel bezel. Anti-reflective coated glass lens. Absolutely clean and clear.

The light on its lowest brightness mode 0,3Lm.

Purple color anti-reflective coating.

The torch can be opened for battery replacing at the tail or at the head.
Unscrewing the head is easier.

Normal triangular cut threads.

The water sealing O-rings keep the inside dry and clean.

All springs are well soldered.

Keeppower protected batteries fit just fine. Longer batteries like Sanyo and Panasonic protected with the transparent wrapping will stay tighter in the holder.

This is the tail switch.Forward clicky with momentary ON possible.

The minus supplying electronics in the tailcap. It works when the switch connects + to the electronic components.

The battery holder has sturdy construction,mostly metal. All contacts are clean. The negative contact has no the yellow finish,
reported as problematic in the previous models.

The battery carrier is reversible-it has positive and negative contacts at both ends.

The inner threads in the head are made on the same part that goes directly to the LED. This time it is made of aluminum.

User Interface
The User interface is unchanged from the previous models.6 brightness modes + Strobe and StandBy mode.
Tail switch for momentary ON and constant ON.
ON/OFF is also available from the selector ring.
Twisting the ring clockwise activates the highest modes,standby and strobe.
Counter clockwise are the lowest modes.
All modes are(from left to right) 0.3Lm-24Lm-380Lm-950Lm-1600Lm-2750Lm-StandBy-Strobe

When the mode ring is in StandBy position, Highest brightness and Strobe mode are accessible by one move left or right.
The modes are well spaced. The ultra low mode is an unique feature on this flashlights.

If the light is in Stand By mode,the regulating driver will take some small current ~85μA when the tail switch is ON
and ~12
μA when the tail switch is OFF.

Short video,presenting the UI and design specifics.
(turn on annotations)

The glass lens is really clear.

Thick stainless steel bezel protects the front of the flashlight from impact.

The light from the Cree MT-G2 gives nice neutral white light,very pleasant to the eyes with great color rendering.
The beam is great mix of throw and flood. Quite bright hotspot with bright spill and good transition between them.

Compared to TN32(right). You can see also the color of the AR coating on both flashlights in this picture.

TN35 Cree MT-G2 vs TN32 Cree XM-L2

You can see how much bigger is the size of the MT-G2 LED(left).

Because of the bigger LED focused tightly for a good throw,the center of the beam has some artifacts when pointed on a white wall at close distance.

Outdoor Beamshots

Otdoor ThruNite TN35 performs just amazing. Great amount of lumens and much better tint light than the flashlights with cool white LED that I used for comparison.

5 of the modes

Here the tree behind the point where I pointed the beam is about 70 meters away.It is a tall tree.Look at how well the TN35 lit it even the beam is not pointed there.

70 meters to the tree

This time the beam is aimed to the tree. Impressive combination of throw and homogeneous spill.

Yes,that's me on the pics

Here TN35 is left on the ground.

Beams aimed toward the corona of the trees.

Beams aimed toward the base of the trees.

Here is how it looks if you use TN35 for walking the dog .

TN32 vs TN35 vs Fenix TK51

Light painting with ThruNite TN35
Using the TN35 for art photos gives some beautiful results.

Thanks for reading and watching. It was pleasure for me to review this light for you. Hope you enjoyed the review and all the beamshots I put in it.

TN35 provided by ThruNite for review.