Sunday, December 30, 2012

ThruNite Ti XP-E Pics and Impressions

I could not resist and bought two Thrunite Ti XP-E 3/60.The first flashlight(black color-for me) arrived three weeks ago,the second(pink for gift) is still in the mail.
The ThruNite is a well known brand,but for the price that I paid(under 10$ each) I did not know what to expect.

First impression-Nice looking little light with quality anodisation and excellent knurling.

Thrunite Ti is equipped with orange peel aluminum reflector for smooth beam.
The LED is Cree XP-E R4. I like the light from the XP-E and I prefer it over XP-G led(usually with bad greenish tint)
Cree XP-E is the right choice for this flashlight
The LED is not well centered as I expected from the brand.

The Ti uses 1 AAA alkaline or NiMH battery.Two brightness modes 3 lumen/60 lumen are the best choice for me.3 lumen mode is great for long runtime and the light is quite enough.60 lumen is great output for 1AAA light.Bright enough for every day use.

I am impressed how long the flashlight works with 1AAA alkaline battery.

No spring at the head or the tail.Thrunite Ti uses rubber foam instead.This makes twist action little harder and not so smooth as with spring.
The screw threads are triangular cut.I expected excellent threads,but there is some crushed tops.That is not good for smooth screwing,but is absolutely acceptable for the price.The O-ring needed some greasing.
Overall the machining is much better than I expected from so cheap flashlight.

Maybe not the 'strongest' switching mechanism,but it works well and is pleasant to use it.

The knurling is really beautiful and helps for easier twisting the head.However in my view the knurling is too aggressive for a small EDC pocket light-this makes cleaning the flashlight harder and I carry it separate from other objects that are easy to scratch.

Excellent grip.

What I like:
+Excellent black finish
+Good shape
+Small size

+Very bright
+Can tail-stand (not very stable,but good to have this option)
+Good choice for LED with good beam
+Excellent throw for such a small flashlight
(even poor centered LED)
+Excellent runtime
+Two brightness modes
+The light is ON while changing the brightness level

What I would like:
-A smoother knurling
-Better tail-standing
-Precisely centered LED

I use this flashlight every day and I am very pleased with it.
This is a great flashlight for the price and is worth it more than other 'smaller' brand lights.

Part 2- Pink ThruNite Ti XP-E 3/60lm

First impression-Nice color,not thebest machining

There are bad painted spots at the front(around the glass) and big surprise for me was to see a black dots on the surface of the LED.
The LED is off the center.I don't have other flashlight with so bad centered LED.
It's good this does not affect too much the light beam.

Well made threads.

Too small holes for attaching the strap.

+ Nice color
+ Bright enough for 1AAA light
+ Excellent knurling

- Poorly centered LED
- Dirty LED
- Different color Spots
- Unstable tail standing
Nice flashlight for gift,but would be good if there is some quality control.

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