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Lumintop Torpedo 007, 1xCR123A,stainless steel luxury flashlight REVIEW

The Torpedo 007 is a CR123A powered flashlight in a luxury stainless steel shell flashlight offered by Lumintop.
They are known with their great tactical light,the TD16 and the powerful multi LED PS03 but also produce beautiful small EDC flashlights.
Torpedo 007 is a 65mm long compact flashlight meant for people that like more special looking lights,great as a gift,great as a EDC flashlight.
The flashlight has a torpedo/bullet form with a beautiful smooth,reflective body finish.
The finish reminds me a lot on a chrome plated metal. Characteristic sign of the flashlight is the Gold plated ring with etched flame figures. You will also be surprised to see a Tritium insert in the tail switch.

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Size and finish comparison.
CR123A battery - Lumintop Torpedo - CQG Bullet - ThruNite T20T - Olight S1
All flashlights run on CR123A battery.

Lumintop Torpedo and CQG bullet are made of stainless steel.The T20 is in its Titanium version.

Front view at the reflectors.
Lumintop Torpedo(Cree XP-L + textured reflector)
CQG Bullet(Cree XP-G + textured reflector)
ThruNite T20T(Cree XP-G2 + textured reflector)
Olight S1(Cree XM-L2 + TIR lens)

Very clear and clean tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
Aluminum reflector-textured for best beam profile.
Cree XP-L V5 LED.
Stylish red O-ring for sealing the glass lens.
Well center LED.

The Torpedo 007 comes in a luxury brown box. Great for collectors,as a gift or just if you like to see that more care is taken to the packaging.

In the box-well explained instruction sheet,Keychain with carabiner,Two spare O-rings.

The included 1500mAh CR123A battery is protected from discharging during the delivery with a yellow sticker. You have to remove it before first use.

Tailcap design with long channels for lanyard or split ring attachment.
The tail cap fits perfectly to the battery tube with no gap. All parts connected looks as a nice peace of metal.
There is nothing in the form that could cause dis-comfortable grip.No sharp edges.
One thing that differs the Torpedo from almost any other similar flashlight is the miniature continuous glowing stick(Tritium vial) which usually can be found only in custom made/modified luxury collectors flashlights.
Lumintop is giving us the chance to get it right out of the box on a quite reasonable price.

The advantage of a continuous,battery free glowing light in the tailcap/switch is easy location and use of the switch,as usually it is very hard to distinguish tail end from the reflector end in the dark,taking the flashlight out of a pocket. The glowing is very low and hard to notice in ambient light,but is quite good in the dark.
The stick in my sample has a greenish light. It is fixed in place with a plastic/maybe epoxy material with a bulging like a convex lens shape.This ensures great protection for the glowing insert and allows to see it sideways.
No anti-roll design of any kind.You will have to attach a split ring to be able to leave it stable on a table.
As you may noticed from the picture,tail-standing is not from the strongest points of the flashlight.
The lens shaped switch button protrudes enough to make it unstable.

Precisely machined tail cap. Triangular-cut threads. Metal retaining ring.
Battery tube is well sized-rechargeable batteries with carefully packed protection like the Olight RCR123A fit well in the flashlight,while relatively curved batteries like the old Keeppower 16340 are too long and wide.

A very close look at the laser engraved logo.

User Interface and Driver Performance
The Torpedo 007 has a little more specific interface but is quite easy to use.
4 different brightness modes,no hidden flashing or other special modes.
The switch is a momentary push button with light click sound.
To turn the light On,just press the switch.No press and hold in this flashlight.Quick and comfortable instant access to the light.
To turn it Off,again just briefly press the switch.
To change the mode-while the light is On,turn it Off then again On within a second.
That's it. Mode sequence is Low-Mid-High-Moonlight (yes the Lowest mode is latest in the sequence).
So,to be more clear,the way of operation is Low-Off-Mid-Off-High-Off-Moonlight. 
Mode spacing is very good. Low mode is quite low brightness for frequent use,so the Moonlight may get a limited use. Yet,if you prefer very low brightness first mode to use in full darkness,the Torpedo may not be suitable for you. Having in mind the way of changing the modes,Lumintop have chosen the correct first mode,which will be preferable by most of the users. 

Because of the electronic way of disconnecting the power to the LED,there is a small Standby current draw.
Initially it is about 100microAmps,decreasing after a few minutes to 10microAmps and maybe lower.
If you plan to store the flashlight for a long period,it is recommended to take out the battery to prevent unwanted discharge.

My lumen measurements show:
Powered with a rechargeable Olight 16340 battery 650mAh.
High mode 13Lm
Mid mode 100Lm
Low mode 660 initial, 635Lm after 30sec(on a primary 3V CR123A battery the maximum output will be lower)
Moonlight mode is hard to measure with my setup.

Comparison High mode vd Mid mode.
The 100 lumen Mid mode is easy for the battery and provides constant brightness for a little more than 230 minutes(3h 40 min). Discharging was terminated by the battery's low voltage protection.

High mode is impressively bright for such a small flashlight. Accordingly the performance is different from the low brightness modes. High output generates a lot of heat which requires programming the driver to decrease the brightness after few minutes work on the highest mode.
Here the programmed timed step down comes gradually around the second minute after activation.
For a small stainless steel flashlight the performance is good. We have 483 lumens after two minutes,which for a pocket-able EDC light is still quite useful.
340 lumen output after step down for about 16.5 minutes.
The combined total run-time is a little less than 20 minutes.

Check out my short video demo below.

The light from the Cree XP-L LED used here is Cool white with a hint of greenish,especially if you compare it to a beam with better color reproduction. The light is not distracting and should serve quite well in every day use.I can not say that color rendition is very good,but it is much better than the Olight's S10L2,which I was using for quite a long time and never liked the light from it.

Beam angle and profile are good. Thanks to the textured reflector beam is ring and artifact free with very smooth transition between hotspot and spill. Hotspot is relatively wide-suitable for frequent use in different situations.Does not disturb the vision when using it at close distance.

Beam profile

White wall, 1 meter distance

White wall, 1 meter distance

Good points:
Beautiful luxury look and feel; Great chrome-plated like finish;
Excellent machine work;Comfortable switch with well defined clicks;
Easy to the eyes smooth beam; CR123A battery and keychain carabiner included in the set;
Works with both-primary and rechargeable CR123A batteries(2v to 4.2V operating voltage)

Possibly weak points: 
The gap between 100 lumen Mid and 650 lumen High mode may not satisfy everyone;
Beam's cool white tint may not be by any taste;
The interface takes some time to get used and require a lot of clicking,although it is easy to operate; 

Thanks for Reading! I hope the review was helpful for you.

Thanks to Lumintop for giving the chance to test the Torpedo 007 and share my results with the world!
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